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Hey there!

I'm Mac.

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods! Well, high desert, actually. ;) Here I talk about everything from book reviews, favorite authors, and new releases to my writing journey, life updates, and more. You never know what I may be up to. (How exciting!)

Desert Highway

An Armed Heart


noun: patriot; plural noun: patriots; noun: Patriot
a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.
"a true patriot"

An Armed Heart is a collection of thought-provoking stories that are meant to warm your heart, open your eyes to the beauty of Christ's Truth, and shine a light on the brave men and women who have given so much for freedom.

Submissions open till December 31st!

Image by Aaron Burden

Seize the Night

An anthology honoring the birth of the Savior.


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My Blog


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A reader of as many genres as she pens, M.L. Milligan is on a quest to bring about stories that both excite and inspire. Her Lord and Savior is her strongest weapon, her favorite treat either a cup of coffee or a bowl of popcorn with a movie—Okay, and getting a new book. This desert-loving gal makes her home in the Sagebrush state, surrounding herself with endless amounts of books and an increasing number of rescues.

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